David “Pygar” Cardamone

August 11, 2009

David Cardamone at Massacre at MuskoegeeDavid ‘Pygar’ Cardamone is manly, all-man, so manly it hurts. David was a little ninja and at the age of 6, a boy wanted to beat him up, so that boy’s mom held little David by the arms so her son could beat him up, but Little David kicked him in the arms and broke an arm, and the boy fell into the pool. What a little ninja!
At age 11, David joined Apollo’s Karate and got his black belt at age 15. David was always doing tornado (360) kicks and did them by the hundreds.
At age 17, David was a teenager in high school and was a bit curious, and took LSD and it made him powerful, and he did many, many tornado kicks around the rim of an empty water fountain, that rim being a foot long, and precarious this stunt is, David kept perfect balance and did many tornado kicks on that rim in counter-clockwise fashion around the fountain in two cycles.
Three days later, David was taken to his parents to a shrink because they were concerned. The shrink prescribed David Ritalin and Prozac, and the personality-changing, mind-altering side-effects of the Prozac overwhelmed David, and it made David change his martial arts discipline- David stopped martial arts, karate, training, for 7 years of that time when he was on the medicine. He did not paint, as he was very talented as a painter, and made boring artsy-fartsy video art and didn’t even make a ninja movie! This is how bad, the effects the medicine had on David.
Well, after that bad 7-year period, David went off the medicine and started training again. It was not easy, and it was like starting all over again as a white belt, and it was actually, very, very, very hard, and David had to relearn everything and was running 10 miles home from the dojo everyday and ran near 20,000 miles in 5 years. All that runnning was a bit too much, as it was good for cardio, it made the legs tight and sore, and did make his kicks a bit less fast as his legs hurt and were too sore.
However, David paid the price for being misprescribed by an evil shrink who hated the deaf and his talents.. his shrink wanted to destroy his talents he had as an artist and martial artist. In fact, almost everyone did.


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August 11, 2009

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